New Office Suites Available in Vienna for Individual Business Needs


Early in 2019, we sent out a survey asking the public: Is there a need for small, affordable offices for individuals? Would you utilize a single office for one person, in an office suite with a common area?  What would you consider a reasonable price for a short-term lease of an upscale, professional space in an established office building?  The response was positive, and PMC Executive Office Suites were born as a result.

Our Gen III group, consisting of the newest family members to join the company, put their heads together to create and market the space.  As a result, we now have an office suite consisting of five separate, locked spaces, with a small meeting room, kitchen, and reception area shared by the group.  Monthly lease agreements start at six months, $350 and up per month, with one month’s security deposit and liability insurance also required. Because of the location of the property, no B&O taxes are required.

High-speed internet, parking, and maintenance of all common areas including parking lot are included, and offices are furnished with desks and chairs.  This turnkey situation allows a new leasee to simply move in, connect, and start doing business immediately.

Cale Conley is available to show the space and discuss leasing options. He can be reached  by emailing, or by calling 304-588-2253.