Navigating Snowy Property Conditions in the MOV

In mid December, it looked as though we might enjoy a record-breaking warm winter. By the end of the month, however, the typical frigid temperatures had arrived right on cue.  MOV’ers are no strangers to snow and icy conditions, but sometimes we forget to be as careful as we should as we rush from place to place. We’ve outlined a few helpful tips to keep in mind as you navigate slippery conditions.

Out and About at Properties in the Mid Ohio Valley

Make sure you wear proper footwear

If your walk to and from the building is of any significance, consider the shoes you will be wearing. Make sure they have a greater amount of traction, such as shoes with rough soles, thermoplastic rubber soles or even the convenient option of ice cleats that attach to your existing footwear.


Give yourself extra time

If under a time limit, plan an extra 10 minutes to your travel time. This will allow you the peace to traverse slowly across parking lots, sidewalks and slippery entryways. If possible, stay clear of areas that appear too dangerous or poorly maintained.


Keep your focus

Avoid distractions while walking through areas with snow and ice. Put the phone away. Avoid a conversation with a fellow employee. Make sure loads being carried are easily handled and not overbearing.

Focus your full attention on the ground in front of you, ensuring that you are cautiously navigating slippery areas.


Be aware of problem areas

Every parking lot has particularly difficult spots to maintain, whether it be a low area in the pavement or sidewalk, a highly trafficked area where snow has been packed down, or drainage areas from downspouts. Make sure you carefully cross these areas or avoid them altogether.

Inside can also pose a problem. Ice and snow that has melted on the smooth slippery surface of most business entrances can bring just as many dangers; as can the packed snow that may have accumulated on your shoes during your trek inside.

Again, simply take the time to be mindful of where you are walking and purpose to take extreme care.

Maintaining Properties as the Business Owner

Maybe you’re the business owner, and you take seriously the responsibility to keep your establishment free of potential hazards. Here are a few suggestions for your property upkeep during snowy conditions.


Pay close attention to trouble spots

As mentioned above, many properties can produce trouble areas for snow and ice maintenance. Pay close attention to low spots in the parking lot or sidewalks, as well as heavily trafficked areas with severely packed down snow.

Make sure that downspouts are not draining directly into walkways, and if no other drainage option is possible, focus more care and immediate attention on the drainage areas.


Clear areas frequently

Plowing and shoveling often is desirable to keep walkways well maintained. It is helpful to determine beforehand what amount of snow will warrant plowing and stick to that schedule during all downfall (during business hours).

Establish predetermined areas for piling the collected snow that will not prove more dangerous in the long run.

Of course, snow melt and salt are often necessary elements for decreasing slippery conditions. Use as needed for melting difficult icy spots.


Don’t forget the inside hazards

Moving inward, make sure that ample mats are spread just inside the door to catch all snow and ice. Even consider adding an extra mat during snowy conditions. Also, a simple warning sign about the slippery surface may serve enough reminder for patrons to be careful as entering.

Ultimately, as business owners, do your best to keep your property free of potential hazards, providing your patrons and employees with a stress-free experience.


A Real Estate Management Company in the MOV that Does it All for You

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