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Commercial buildings for rent in Parkersburg WV

Commercial Buildings for Rent in Parkersburg West Virginia  

Whether you are looking for a storefront in downtown Parkersburg just a few steps from the historic Juliana Street or an industrial space that’s a short drive from the US Highway 50 and Interstate 77 interchange, Parkersburg commercial lease options are plentiful. Being one of the largest cities in West Virginia and home to several industries, Parkersburg has a selection of spaces that would make a great home for your business. 


Class B and C Office Space

Like in much of the U.S, office space availability in Parkersburg hit unexpected highs as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Businesses who retooled during the pandemic began allowing employees to work remotely and found that renting a large office was unnecessary. What has emerged in the wake of the pandemic is a commercial and retailer renter’s market with many new class A,B, and C spaces becoming available for the first time in decades.


In Parkersburg, a number of class B office spaces have shown up for rent recently. Some are located in the downtown core along Market Street, 7th street and 29th street while other office opportunities have popped up on Murdoch Avenue, and Garfield Avenue along key transit thoroughfares. The downtown properties all come within close distance of the municipal parking garage, and have walkability and bikeability scores that are significantly higher than other areas within the region. Additionally, the downtown office spaces are within walking distance of great restaurants like Cham’s Lebanese Cuisine and the Blennerhassett Restaurant the Lounge as well as several bars and breweries like The Parkersburg Brewing Company and The Cocktail Bar. Additionally, hotels such as the Blennerhassett Hotel and the TownePlace Suites by Marriott Parkersburg are also within walking distance, allowing clients the ease of visiting without significant extra travel burdens. 


While some may like the tight quarters of downtown office space, many businesses prefer more convenience for their patrons and employees, with office spaces that have ample parking and easier access. The PM Company has well-maintained office buildings located in the heart of Vienna, WV, right by the Grand Central Mall, Wal-Mart, and a variety of other big box stores. These newer buildings provide the ideal atmosphere for professional service businesses and our property management team keeps the buildings in excellent working order. 


Retail, Neighborhood Business, and Downtown Storefronts

Just as the office space absorption rate changed drastically over the last two years, so too did the retail lease market. As businesses altered their models and took advantage of e-commerce, local retail spaces became available. In Parkersburg several retail spaces came to market, some in a connected strip mall, others in a multi-story downtown space, and a few in stand-alone buildings with attached parking. This is great news for business owners looking to rent commercial buildings in Parkersburg, West Virginia. 


While not as common as spaces in shopping centers or other dedicated retail complexes, stand alone homes now converted into retail spaces within neighborhoods can still be found in Parkersburg. The coveted neighborhood business designation is one of a bygone era, usually given to corner stores and neighborhood markets. However, many art studios, office supply stores, hardware or electronics repair shops, nail salons, hair styling studios, bookstores, bakeries, and sidewalk cafes and bistros operate out of uniquely-zoned residential homes. In Parkersburg you can still find some of these neighborhood business locations for rent, giving you the ability to create a unique space that can support both business and residential demands. 


Industrial Spaces, Flex Space, and Medical Spaces

As one would expect, the market for industrial space and flex space in Parkersburg mirrors national trends, having incredibly high absorption rates and quick turnarounds upon hitting the market. Because of on-shoring efforts and major distributors opting to maintain production levels instead of stopping the assembly line, industrial spaces have been getting snapped up for assemblage and storage operations. The market in Parkersburg for industrial space does skew older, but in that older stock, greater value can be found. Amenities can be elusive, but the value of the spaces available in Parkersburg surpasses that of other regional markets. For businesses looking to grow into a larger footprint and find more direct consumer opportunities, available properties along Depot Street, 7th Street, and Route 68 can provide greater visibility and room to grow. 


By way of flex space like a combined space with an office and industrial component, Parkersburg has a number of options that can suit your needs. Applicable zoning notwithstanding, several spaces along Depot Street near the rail terminal,  in South Parkersburg along US 50 and Camden Avenue, and along Dudley Avenue at the crossroads of Lakeview and 36th Street. Typically home to industrial supply stores, automotive maintenance centers, and the occasional manufacturing operation, flex spaces are always in high demand and provide the highest grade of flexibility in the market. For those in Parkersburg the options are wide ranging in scale and age, and are interspersed throughout the city. 


Lastly, consolidation of medical services by area providers has provided interesting opportunities for private practitioners or specialists to find newly renovated or recently constructed medical spaces, complete with waiting areas, ADA accessible entrances, and applicable signage pieces that will help your business stand out to new patients. Growth in the medical services sector has been consistent in Parkersburg, and should your practice be in the market for a new highly visible space, numerous opportunities exist within the city. 

For those who are seeking a space to rent, or want to engage a professional about what opportunities exist in Parkersburg, a conversation with a member of the trusted team at the PMC Company may be in order. Take a moment to view our commercial properties for sale or lease in Parkersburg then contact our team for details.