Commercial real estate in Vienna, WV

Get to Know the Commercial Real Estate Market in Vienna, West Virginia

Get to Know the Commercial Real Estate Market in Vienna, West Virginia

Vienna, West Virginia, is known as a quiet city located on the banks of the Ohio River. But despite its reputation as a place “to get away from the busy city,” it still sees new business development every year. New homeowners are attracted to the family-friendly environment, which means new businesses need to step in to meet market needs.


No matter the size or niche of your business, we can help you find the perfect location. Purchase or lease, it doesn’t matter–we’re constantly updating our database with the latest commercial real estate deals in Vienna.


In this article, The PM Company will give potential buyers and sellers an overview of the commercial real estate market in Vienna, West Virginia.


Main Commercial Industries

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce says that Vienna is home to 1026 individual businesses. That’s about one business per resident within city limits. 


But what types of industries make up the commercial real estate market in Vienna, West Virginia? According to the most recent data, healthcare, retail, and educational services make up the largest percentage of commercial activity. However, wholesale trade is one of the best paying industries. 


This lines up with our experience as Vienna’s top commercial real estate professionals. We see a high demand for retail and healthcare buildings, and warehouses are also a hot-ticket item.


Where Are the Busiest Commercial Centers in Vienna, WV?

The busiest commercial center in Vienna, WV is most likely the area around Central Mall. The mall sits on the southern side of Vienna and attracts other businesses, restaurants, and retailers. Some might say the mall is a relic of American history, but it’s alive and well in Vienna. 


Murdoch Ave. runs past Central Mall, providing a large road for commercial business access. In less than a mile, Murdoch Ave. turns into Grand Central Ave, which continues along the Ohio River, providing more access to businesses like Harbor Freight as well as health-related clinics and offices. 


If you’re looking for commercial real estate in the Vienna, WV, market, then you’ll want to look along these commercial corridors for prime locations.


Looking to Purchase Commercial Real Estate in Vienna, WV? 

At the time of publication, The PM Company has many incredible commercial properties for sale and for lease. To view our updated property list, click here.

PM Center – 418 Grand Park Drive – Vienna, WV

The PMC Center is a professional office and medical complex, right in the heart of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s prime retail and professional markets. Located in front of Grand Central Mall in Vienna, WV, PMC Center comprises four buildings.


This center is a great find in the commercial real estate market in Vienna. It’s a flexible space that can accommodate many types of businesses.

Grand Plaza – Vienna, WV

Grand Plaza is one of the Parkersburg/Vienna area’s premier commercial condominium complexes. It is located just off Grand Central Avenue (WV14) in Vienna, WV.


Although the complex is centrally located in the retail and business hub of Vienna, its well-landscaped walkways and private picnic area will make you – and your customers – feel like you are in your very own backyard.


Its close proximity to the Grand Central Mall area, retail centers, professional businesses, and many restaurants will keep you in the center of it all.

601 Plaza

601 Plaza is another PM Company location offering high visibility and high traffic, situated next to the Grand Central Mall and Walmart in Vienna.


With plenty of parking and easy access to Grand Central Avenue, the 601 Plaza is a prime location for any retailer. As our research shows, retail is a prime industry creating economic activity in the commercial real estate market in Vienna.


Work With The PM Company

The PM Company promises to give you personal attention as you search for the perfect building for your company. Our fair pricing and open communication have made us one of the most trusted commercial real estate brokers in West Virginia. Plus, we can tell you important details about a property like whether or not it comes with tax breaks or if it’s part of a state opportunity zone. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision. Work with The PM Company’s expert commercial real estate team today. 


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