Chipotle – At last!!!

Chipotle Announcement 

Who doesn’t love a warm, foil-wrapped burrito stuffed full of hormone-free meat and locally sourced veggies? With the overwhelming response we’ve received concerning the new Chipotle on its way, we’re certain most would agree.

The PM Company is excited to bring the first Chipotle Mexican Grill to the Mid-Ohio Valley. This well-loved brand has been trying to locate in Vienna for close to seven years, and we’ve been working hard to make it happen. We finally did!

Our construction crew built the building per corporate specifications at the former location of the Vienna Walmart fueling station along Grand Central Avenue. We have turned it over to Chipotle to finish the interior. They will operate and manage the store, and plan to have doors open for service soon! 

We have been grateful for the collaboration of the Chipotle development team and we know their excellence will continue into their service and support of our community. We trust the presence of their brand will support even more growth and opportunity within the Mid-Ohio Valley.