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Community Rallies behind Local Charities through Spirit of Giving Fund

In 2007, Pat Minnite Sr. started the Spirit of Giving Fund to support local charities and nonprofit organizations around the holidays. The community has enthusiastically joined in the charitable efforts to give back to the organizations that make a difference in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Tenants, business associates, vendors, and friends of The PM Company (PMC) […]

What are CAM fees on a commercial lease?

What are CAM fees on a commercial lease?   If you’ve ever had to negotiate a commercial real estate lease, you’ve likely wondered about the differences between a triple net lease and a lease with CAM charges. These differences are important to the real estate lease framework because they impact the net operating incomes for […]

The Basics of a Commercial Real Estate Lease – What You Need to Know

The Basics of a Commercial Real Estate Lease – What You Need to Know   Every business owner who leases commercial real estate should have a basic understanding of what goes into a typical lease. This allows business owners to avoid confusion and unexpected surprises when signing a commercial lease. Informed business owners spend less […]

When is it Time to Move to A Bigger Commercial Unit?

Rarely does a one-size-fits-all solution work…off the clothes rack or on the business track. And when it comes to scaling your business at the proper time in the most efficient way, you’ll find that what worked for one company may bring financial strain for yours. A stringent checklist of pre-determined steps simply doesn’t deliver well, […]

The In-Store Experience for Retail in the MOV

What is it about Walt Disney World that captures the enjoyment, adoration and attention of young and old alike, appealing to people with all different tastes, preferences and life philosophies? It’s the experience. But that experience doesn’t simply result from a few decorations and one big showstopper presentation. The lure of Disney comes from an […]

7 Reasons to Open a Business in a Small Community

Little league soccer, street festivals and quaint farmers’ markets may typify the traditional small town community in today’s America, and these may not always be the signs an entrepreneur is looking for when considering a new business launch. However, small towns actually offer a plethora of benefits for the aspiring business owner. Take a look […]

Office Space for Rent: How Much Do I Need?

How Much Office Space Do I Need? Part II   Finding the Right Amount of Office Space for Rent In our most recent article, we discussed some simple guidelines for determining how much office space to lease when you’re looking for available office space for rent. In this article, we’d like to dive into more […]

How Much Office Space Do I Need?

Steps to Help You Determine the Right Amount of Office Space   It’s a question we get often, and an important one to consider before choosing your office space: How much office space do I need?   Of course, working with either your commercial real estate agent or a professional real estate management company in […]

Should You Buy or Lease Your Commercial Real Estate?

Pros and Cons of Buying vs Leasing Commercial Property While running a business is rewarding, the list of stresses and pressures that accompany any business owner seems to multiply around every bend in the road. And with each added pressure, productivity can suffer. Thankfully, every pressure, whether small or large, provides an opportunity for change […]

“Thank You” to Our Employees!

We believe our employees are our greatest asset. Without the men and women that make the gears turn behind the scenes, our reach would be limited. It is only through the dedication and hard work of our team that we are able to successfully grow, provide more value to our customers and change more lives […]