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Best Commercial Realty Services in Parkersburg, WV

Finding The Best Realty Services In Parkersburg, WV   The world of commercial real estate is exciting: whether you’re ready to develop a commercial locale, sell a property, or lease and occupy as a business owner, locating the right building is crucial. Just as important as your location is the team of people who guide […]

What is Property Development?

What is Property Development? Fundamentally, property development is about adding value to land by renovating and reimagining its uses. As our cities and communities expand, property development is a necessary process. New grocery stores need to be built. Light residential areas make way for apartment buildings. A startup renovates an old warehouse into an office. […]

5 Reasons You Need an Office Space Management Team

5 reasons you need an office space management team Many property owners have found that the costs of managing properties can quickly become an expensive hassle.    What once was an income generating asset has now become a burdensome headache. Maybe your property has turned into a backlog of repairs, custodial maintenance, and delinquent rent […]

What does FSG mean?

What does FSG mean when it comes to real estate leases?  If you have been considering a commercial lease, you have likely run into a number of terms that you haven’t seen before. You might even struggle to make sense of all the jargon: Triple Net, CAM Cap, Cap Rate, etc.   The same too […]

Buying vs. Leasing Commercial Real Estate: The Pros and Cons

Buying vs. Leasing Commercial Real Estate: The Pros and Cons Which is better, buying or leasing? As a business owner, you need to consider various factors before deciding which approach will work for you. Generally, your decision comes down to the amount of money you will be spending or saving. But figuring out where those […]

What financials are needed for a commercial lease?

What financials do I need to obtain a commercial lease? So your business has outgrown the garage and you’re ready to move into a newer, larger, more formal space. Congratulations, you’ve accomplished what most small businesses only dream of doing. The hardest work has been done, but you still have to find a building or […]

Don’t Get Surprised by These Common Expenses When Leasing a Retail Space

Don’t Get Surprised by These Common Expenses When Leasing a Retail Space When beginning your search for the right retail space, rent is not the only cost to consider. While it is a primary driver in your decision-making, understanding ancillary fees, build-out costs, and furnishing expenses can alter your budget and timeline when moving into […]

Commercial buildings for rent in Parkersburg WV

Commercial Buildings for Rent in Parkersburg West Virginia   Whether you are looking for a storefront in downtown Parkersburg just a few steps from the historic Juliana Street or an industrial space that’s a short drive from the US Highway 50 and Interstate 77 interchange, Parkersburg commercial lease options are plentiful. Being one of the largest […]